• 8 weeks

    Intensive coaching. 1-2 Boot camp modules per week entirely online

  • 20 learning hours

    26 video classes, 9 Nuts & Bolts Demos, (16 Live Q & A sessions included in VIP package)

  • Support & Accountability

    within the safety of a private Facebook community

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Following fad diets and cutting out certain foods is not the best way to lose weight.

This is why we don’t fully understand why people love big fat lies. What we do know is that for those of you who want to change your relationship with food, know how much fuel your body requires, learn to fully love yourself again for who you are and finally be able to keep the weight off for good. ​ We want to help. All you have to do is ...

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Preparation

    • Overview: Preparation

    • Lesson 1: The 3 Ds

    • Lesson 2: Know Your Current Weight Status

    • Lesson 3: Will Power vs Choice

    • Lesson 4: Words You Need To Lose

  • 2

    Part 2: Planning

    • Overview: Planning

    • Lesson 5: How to set realistic weight loss goals

    • Lesson 6: Celebrating Milestones & Achievements

    • Lesson 7: Social Occassions

    • Lesson 8: Weight Loss Tool Kit

  • 3

    Part 3: Implementing

    • Overview:Implementation

    • Lesson 9: Why restrictive dieting isn't good for you

    • Lesson 10:Emotions, Triggers and Hunger

    • Lesson 11: Calories & Weight Loss

    • Lesson 12: Calorie & Food Choices

    • Lesson 13: Calories & How Exercise Fits in

    • Lesson 14: Cleaning out Freezer, Fridge & Pantry

    • Lesson 15: Shopping Planning - Making life easier

    • Lesson 16: Cooking with Calories in Mind

    • Lesson 17: Creating New Habits

    • Lesson 18: Creating Balanced & Non-restrictive Low Calorie Meals

    • Lesson 19: Meal Planning

    • Lesson 20: Meal Planning for occasions, holidays and celebrations.

    • Lesson 21: Driving Down the Muddy Road

  • 4

    Part 4: Measuring

    • Overview: Measuring

    • Lesson 22: Track Your Progress - Weight Loss Apps

    • Lesson 23: Track Your Progress - Weight Loss Journals

    • Lesson 24: Make Your Data Work Hard For You

    • Lesson 25: Going Through The Good and Bad Days

    • Lesson 26: Forgiving Yourself

  • 5

    Nuts & Bolts Videos

    • Nuts & Bolts: How to Check & Interpret Your BMI

    • Nuts & Bolts: Weight Loss Goal Setting Session

    • Nuts & Bolts: Understanding Nutrients & How to Create Balanced Meals

    • Nuts & Bolts: How to Determine Your Daily Calorie Allowance

    • Nuts and Bolts: How to Create Meals Using the Smart Swaps

    • Nuts and Bolts: How to manage and track your progress - App

    • Nuts and Bolts: How to manage and track your progress - Journal

  • 6

    Live Q & A Sessions

    • Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Payment Plan

Enjoy the flexibility of a payment plan that works for you

Meet Your Instructors

Author - You Can't Eat Love

Leslie Davis

Leslie Lindsey Davis is always on a journey. Her motto is “why not?”. She measures things she wants to do against the yardstick of “When I am 80 years old, I don’t want to be sitting in my rocking chair on my front porch saying, ‘I wish I would have’”. She has taken a wrong turn on several trips with her older boys. The boys would say “we’re lost”. Her reply was always, “No, we are on an adventure.” Life is one grand adventurous journey and making sure everything is done from scuba diving to beekeeping. From riding on an elephant to riding in a hot air balloon. And so much more in between. Her passions, besides her family, are GUTaS International and her heart family in Zimbabwe – especially Mercy, Betty and Itai. GUTaS stands for Get Up, Take a Step. GUTaS is changing lives one step, one stitch at a time. When her husband and children ask “Why?” Her response is always “Why not.”

Author - The Weight Loss Code

Yemi Fadipe

Yemi Fadipe is the best selling author of The Weight Loss Code: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss. She is a Food Technologist with over 18 years food industry experience. Yemi's interest in nutrition and healthy eating was inspired by her father's successful management of diabetes with a healthy eating lifestyle for over 30 years, and more recently from her personal experience having overcome her struggle with being overweight. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and enjoys writing, with special interest in creating self-help non-fiction content. Yemi was born in Russia, raised in Nigeria and currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and their two children.

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